Residents' Associations


Why have a Residents' Association?

We live daily with crime in and around our suburbs. In many cases we are usually not aware of the problems and how close to home they could be. Of course the question that is raised is what can I do about crime? I want to be safe but the SAPS and the security companies can not do it all.

The gap in your security can be filled by a Residents' Association or more commonly a Neighbourhood Watch. This can take many forms ranging from a reactive low profile association to one that is extremely active.

Amongst other initiatives that can be implemented in an area are:
Black boards on main routes to keep residents up to date on crime and other happenings,
Monthly newsletter,
Domestic watch,
Patrols by residents
Placing as many residents on an email distribution list is vital for a quick and effective means of communication, especially if crime is on the increase in a particular area, or if there is a specific problem facing the area.

The Association will have close contact with the CPF and the SAPS, which makes it easier to combat problems in the area and the Association will be fed with up to date crime statistics and happenings in the area. This is both from the SAPS and the CPF Office. Sector policing, the recently established initiative from the SAPS, works better if there is some one in the area to liaise with and that can also point out problems that need addressing.

Many RA’s have grown into an Association that now keeps its area clean and tidy as well. This has in many cases raised house prices substantially.

The proof of an active Association is on the low problems experienced in an area. Where there are active RA’s in Honeydew, crime is either very low and under control or absent.

Residents' Associations and Townhouse Complexes

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