Operation Divine Intervention



"To mobilise all religious organisations in the fight against crime"



  1. To create a co-ordinating structure
  2. To hold regular meetings
  3. To create a database of services offered
  4. To create a partnership between the Police and faith based organisations


Co-ordinating Structure

  1. Data base of all faith based organizations
  2. Representatives from each organization
  3. Co-ordinating/steering Committee
  4. Chairperson
  5. Deputy Chair
  6. Secretary
  7. Reps per Sector

Honeydew Police Station Meetings

Regular Prayer meetings at Station

  1. Prayer for Police
  2. Prayer for law abiding citizens
  3. Prayer for victims and perpetrators of crime
  4. Place crime high on your prayer lists
  5. Internal interventions with Police Officers
  6. Exhortations/support/encouragement

Database of Services

  1. Creating an extensive database of all services offered by the Faith based organizations & referrals
  2. Domestic Violence
  3. Marriage Counseling
  4. Drug rehabilitation & counseling
  5. Conflict resolution & anger management skills

Social Crime Prevention

Networking & Strengthening partnerships
Police address members on:

  1. Domestic Violence
  2. Drug & Alcohol abuse
  3. Child Abuse
  4. Youth & senior citizen desks
  5. Crime awareness & education

Community Policing

  1. Community Police Forum
  2. Reservists
  3. Victim Empowerment Programme
  4. Information management & Intelligence
  5. Community mobilization
  6. Sector Policing
  7. ODI – Rep at Sector Crime Forum/CPF


We extend our hands to the Faith based Community of Honeydew to work with us in the fight against crime

  1. Nominate/elect the steering committee
  2. Determine the date of your first meeting
  3. Draw up a programme of action
  4. Faith without works is dead – so – start the project


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Pastor Lucas Potgieter

Annual Tea held on 21st April 2012

Annual Tea held on 21st April 2012



Operation Divine Intervention started reaching out to the members of Honeydew Police Station on 15 May 2007.

Pastor Lucas Potgieter was able to share a few thoughts from Scripture and pray with the members who were about to go on duty for the day shift. Being Child Protection Week, he emphasized the great responsibility the Police have towards the protection of children in their duties. Prayer was then offered for their safety and wisdom in all situations whilst they are on duty.
Similar thoughts and prayer followed with the officers who had returned from doing duty through the night.

Then the staff who serves in the Police Station throughout the day, along with the members of the Detective branch arrived and a slightly longer time was spent with them.

Three young people provided music and led some spirited singing for the whole group. Pastor Lucas then shared a few thoughts on the importance of children in the ministry of Jesus, and challenged those present to have the same passion. After prayer another song was sung, followed by spontaneous singing as we dismissed and went about our daily tasks.

On my way home, I passed a scene where members of the police were attending to a crisis situation. I thanked God that I was able to pray with them for wisdom in that situation just an hour ago, and continued on my way praying for them.

Please join us in this vital ministry of seeking for 'CRIME PREVENTION THROUGH DIVINE INTERVENTION'.


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