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Why joining your Residents Association could keep crime down. Read the article in the Northsider



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News from your Chairman

10th August 2016

Hi all in Sector 2

Over the last weeks we have seen an increase in hijackings, largely where a resident in the area has been followed home.
Suspects appear to identify a large number of their victims at shopping centres. Woman and woman with children are the most at risk.
Ensure you are not being followed when arriving at home. If a car is behind you, do not enter your property, rather continue driving, go somewhere where there are people or get an escort.
Rather safe than sorry.

Burglaries remain problematic in the sector. Please do the necessary crime prevention and please report anything suspicious to your resident association or myself.

We have started building a database of suspicious cars and this will be shared with the police and security companies.
Information is the lifeline of any crime fighting organisation.

Stay safe
John/sector chairman


10 July 2016

Hi Sector 2 resident

If you live or work within the following boundaries, you fall in sector 2 of the Honeydew precinct –
Constantia Drive and Wilhelmina, The N1 between 14th Ave and Beyers Naude, Beyers Naude and Christiaan de Wet. A map with contact details for each resident association in the sector can be seen above.

Over the past month or two we have seen our crime in the sector stabilize but at high levels. Burglaries remain the stand out issue and we as a sector via the chairpersons for the various resident associations in the sector have prioritised this issue and have started working on bringing down the burglaries. It will take the combined efforts of the police, security companies represented in the sector and all the residents to make a difference.

Some of the details of the plan are confidential but my request to you is please report anything suspicious to your RA chairperson or myself. (sector2chairman@honeydewcpf,org,za). We will start building a database of suspicious cars and persons we can share with the police and security companies.

I also once again urge you to get in contact with your association, join them and support them. These people need your support, they believe in your neighbourhood being crime free and maintained.

We have good partners in the police, JMPD, security companies and our local councillors. For more on what is happening in your association, belong and be part of the communications that go out.

Finally, I have followed a number of communications lately where residents have asked as to what security companies to use. Please speak to your association, they will be best to advise you. Many associations have a dedicated service provider and this comes with a number of benefits.

Till next time, stay safe.

John / Sector chairman

31st May 2016

Sector 2 feedback

Hi all in Sector 2

Recently we asked for your support in petitioning the Honeydew Station Commander with regards the decreased number of patrol cars in our sector, lack of cells at the police station and also the need for Honeydew to police Cosmo City which in essence should have its own police station.

The aforementioned has at times led to lengthy response times for the police and we have also seen a jump in some crimes in our sector.

At the sector two meeting held on 26 May, Brigadier Sirkhot, the Honeydew Station Commander attended the meeting to advise that he took receiving our petition seriously and to address the concerns raised.

He acknowledged that the station does have challenges, the biggest being the enormous increase in crime in Cosmo City that is now responsible for some 50 percent of the crime in the precinct. The other three sectors make up the remaining 50 percent. I am will not go into some of the specifics of the initiatives undertaken by the police to combat crime in Cosmo City but the Brigadier has assured us we will never be left without policing in the sector. Please see minutes of the meeting placed on our website.

He takes our petition seriously and has undertaken to address the issues, which admittedly will not happen overnight.

On perhaps a more positive note, many of you, including your chairpersons, have been asking for more tangible things to do in the fight against crime.
On 23 May, we as a sector executive met and we have come up with a plan to tackle the burglaries in the sector.
The specifics of the plan will be cascaded down by your RA chairperson but it is going to take you, me, the police and the securities companies together to make a difference.
Please get in touch with your association, support them and get involved.

John Baisley
Sector 2 Chairman




25th May 2016

Sector 2 feedback

Dear Sector 2 resident

The past few months we have seen an increase in the burglaries in the sector. On almost a daily basis there is a report of a burglary on one or another Whatsapp group or Facebook page.

The police have challenges with policing the sector, this is a story for another time, and so we as residents will have to take up the challenge. Our sector is a big one but a big bonus for us is that we have very active resident associations across the sector.

On 23 May, the chairman and vice chairman of the various associations met to plan a way forward to start bringing down the burglaries in the sector.

I am not going to go into the specifics of the plan but I am asking that you please get involved in your association and support your committee. I will leave it to your committee to make contact with you and fill you in on the way forward.

I would also like for you to be the eyes and ears of the committee, security company and police.

Let us turn the corner on this issue together and then we can move onto something. Of course, do not make yourself a target and do the basic crime prevention. Do not leave cars on pavements, put valuables out of sight when driving, ensure you are not being followed and lock security gates.

Stay Safe
John/Sector Chairman


3rd May 2016

Sector 2 feedback

Dear resident of Sector 2

At the recent sector 2 meeting it was highlighted that the sector has seen an increase in burglaries for the month of April.
All other crimes has shown a decrease but the numbers of these crimes remain at stubbornly high levels.
By now you should have received an email from your RA chairperson requesting you mail the station commander with your concern around resources and response within the sector.

Our sector remains a problematic one. Many of our crimes could be prevented if we did the basic crime prevention. Do not leave cars unattended on pavements, lock security gates when at home, ensure you are not being followed when returning home and report anything suspicious.

Most of the resident associations have dedicated security companies and actively patrolling cars. Use them and engage with them on service delivery. Of course if you are not a member please join your RA, only together can we make a difference and your committee needs your support.

For the month of May and June, just as a start, we will put all our efforts into reducing our burglaries. I will be engaging with your chairpersons directly in this regard.

Stay safe

John Baisley
Chairman Sector 2


4th February 2016

Sector 2 feedback

Dear Sector 2 resident

Herewith some feedback around the crime and crime trends for the month of January.

Sector 2 was the best performing sector of the 4 sectors in Honeydew for the month. Sector 4 was the worst performing with Cosmo City now just about taking first place for all crime, especially the priority crimes.

The hijacking of vehicles and business burglaries are the two most problematic crimes in our sector.
Hijackings occur largely on Wednesdays and Thursdays between 08h00 and 12h00 and 16h00 and 20h00.
Business burglaries occur largely on Wednesday between 00h00 and 04h00.
Residential robberies (home invasions – the most feared crime), occur largely on Fridays and Sundays between 00h00 and 04h00,
Residential burglaries occur mostly on Thursday and Friday between 04h00 and 08h00.

A full breakdown of all crime for January can be found on the CPF website.

For the year ahead I would like two look at two actions

  • One is to grow our membership in the associations within our sector. Please support your RA committee, they need you and only together can we win the fight against crime.
  • The second item is to bring down our crime levels, especially home robberies, burglaries, hijackings and theft of cars. More on this next time.

I urge you to please get involved in your area, support your committee and to know your neighbour.

Stay safe
John Baisley
Sector Chairman



Dear Sector 2 resident

The borders of sector 2 on the Honeydew Precinct are Beyers Naude in the north, the N1 in the east, Christaan de Wet in the west and Wilhelmina Drive and Constantia Drive in the south.
It is a vast area and yes, we have a crime problem.

Whilst our crime is high, the positive we can take away from the sector is that most of the sector is covered by very active resident associations, but in some areas, not so active associations.

As the new sector chairman, my immediate plans are to grow the membership of the residents associations, establish associations where there are none and to start bringing down the burglaries in the sector.

Our police will not get crime down considerably in the near future, so it is up to you and me to start making a difference in our neighbourhoods.

I am asking that you please get involved in your area and support those who are trying to make a difference in the fight against crime. They need your help.

I will be making use if the local newspapers to make regular contact with you and very soon, we will have a website up so you can see who to contact in your area to lend support and get involved.

At present, there is a wonderful Weltevredenpark Facebook page and also a RandparkRidge Facebook page. Information is our biggest fight in the war on crime.

I look forward to working with you as we move forward as only together can we make a difference.

For any questions, comments or concerns, please contact Jon Rosenberg, Neville or myself as follows:




Stay safe
John Baisley




Sector Manager:
Sergeant Nicholas Makhura
071 675 7390

Deputy Sector Manager:
Constable Noxolo Nzumande
071 675 7108

Sector 2:  SAPS vehicles contact numbers:

071 675 7102
071 675 7112

Honeydew SAPS Operational Room:

(011) 801-8613/4/5

Suburbs included in Sector 2:

Randpark Ridge,  Weltevreden Park,  Allen’s Nek,  Constantia Kloof,  Constantia Park,  Hillfox,  Panorama AH

Sector 2 Fun Run 10th September 2016

JMPD operation on 24th August 2016 in Sector 2.

We have a great ward commander and he works really hard, sends through photos of their operations

18th August 2016 JMPD hard at work in Sector 2



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